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No drones for drugs in California: State rules marijuana must be transported in commercial vehicles, which will be subject to license requirements (

Insane valuations of Uber, Twitter and Snapchat prove a catastrophic wake up call is overdue for tech stocks (

SCIENCE FOR SALE: Shocking emails reveal editor of food science journal was on Monsanto's payroll at $400 per hour (

INSANE: Twitter bans mom for criticizing anal sex guide published by TEEN VOGUE ( caught selling illegal FULL AUTO gun parts in ATF sting to convict its own customers with felony crimes (

Why are healthy young men in America suddenly going deaf? (

Doctors admit that at least 20 percent of medical care is NOT needed but is administered anyway thanks to fear of lawsuits (

Time for a Full Investigation? of the FBI (

George Clooney just donated $1 million to a radical HATE group that spreads hatred and false accusations worldwide (

Will Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods NULLIFY the retailer's promise to label all GMOs by 2018? (

Does the civil war begin on November 4? "Refuse Fascism" to radically escalate left-wing battle tactics in bid to overthrow the country (

Opioid epidemic reaches whole new crisis level as Big Pharma drugs out America for profit (

As Babies are Prescribed Pharmaceuticals, Have We Reached Dystopia? (

Entire mainstream media spreads dangerous lie that falsely claimed bodybuilder was killed by "protein shakes" (

NYT now painting Big Pharma CEOs as cultural heroes? even as their products murder millions (

PayPal restores services to JihadWatch after huge backlash from freedom advocates demanding an end to techno tyranny (

CNN now labeling 900 conservative organizations "hate groups" thanks to radical left-wing propaganda of the Southern Poverty Law Center (

Hurricane Harvey prepper update: Sh#t just hit the fan in South Texas? non-preppers hurting badly as food, water, power and emergency services FAIL (

Don't trust the expiration date: Here's how long your cheese will really keep (

Transgender characters now being placed in TV shows to indoctrinate public to "normalcy" of trans children, scientists confirm (

Stupid and fatal behavior of the people when they begin to realize that a SHTF scenario is in progress (

Cruel new Netflix comedy makes fun of autistic boy while denying any link between vaccine chemical exposure and Autism Spectrum Disorder (

OVERSPENT: 38 million American households can't afford their housing (

"Negative Hallucination" hypnosis experiment demonstration video - MUST SEE (

Big Pharma RAMPAGE: Man murders doctor who refused to prescribe opioids to his wife (

SHOCK: 1 in 8 Americans are now alcoholics (and the other 7 are probably on drugs) (

Extermination is Tolerance: Harvard proposes ban on fraternities, sororities, and single-gender clubs (

Study finds that "teen depression" increases risk of violence ? so they should all be treated with more drugs that cause violence instead? (

There is a storm of civil unrest coming and you need to be fit to fight ? Here's how to prepare (

Silicon Valley Tightens Its Grip on Free Speech (

Discredited attacks self-reliance, claiming people who live in rural areas are "delusional" moochers (

Georgia university professor tells students they can now choose their own GRADES in order to avoid being "stressed" by the grade they actually earned (

Honoring the life's work of Jim Marrs, an extraordinary journalist and writer we will dearly miss (

Oscar Mayer Lunchables LOADED with chemical additives; company tries to hide ingredients from the public (

Evergreen State College professor who was vilified for being WHITE files civil lawsuit for millions in damages (

WARNING: 5 Star resort suspected of drugging tourists in Mexico (

Doctor blasts statin drug pusher Steven Nissen for using scare tactics to rake in more profits from toxic statin drugs (

Experts blast growing trend of "coercive psychiatry" where people are pharmacologically imprisoned without evidence or trial (

Corrosion inhibitor chemical found in thousands of hot dogs, bacon, sausage and processed meat products (

The smell of pot DOES NOT constitute probable cause for police to search your vehicle rules the Colorado Court of Appeals (

Intolerant feminist attacks "Doctor Who" British TV show for not being transgender or black enough (

Hundreds of teens are committing suicide because they're told to do so in sickening Blue Whale Challenge (

Dog rescues baby deer - incredible video (

Government committee declares HPV vaccines should never be given to teenage boys ? Media pursues total BLACKOUT on the story (

Home ownership plummets as renting becomes the new norm (

New healthcare bill uses $45 billion in taxpayer money to fight the opioid epidemic caused by wealthy pharmaceutical corporations (

Why is new CDC director a military Major from the U.S. Air Force? (

SCAM: U.S. lottery rigged, software used to rig outcome in Wisconsin, Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma (

Global olive oil supply under threat as deadly bacteria reaches Spain (

Mandatory vaccinations announced by the French Government? how long until this medical tyranny hits the States? (

Social media as population control? New research reveals fewer millennials interested in dating, love (

BREAKING: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls for extradition of CDC vaccine criminal mastermind Poul Thorsen to face charges of criminal scientific misconduct (

Same leftists that PUNISH Americans for their heritage celebrate DACA "dreamers" for theirs (

In the middle of a hurricane, what do city dwellers LOOT? Sneakers, of course? (

Criminalfornia, Here We Come (Governor Jerry Brown prepares to privilege the lawless) (

Can't beat them, join them: Campbell gobbles up organic company for $700 million (

Notably, Gov. Abbott did NOT confiscate firearms from victims of Hurricane Harvey (unlike the aftermath of Katrina) (

Planned Parenthood thinks DACA children should be protected? unless they are murdered before being born (

Forbes pulls story critical of Google in order to appease techno tyrant (

Medical police state: Cops arrest NURSE for refusing to break the law and violate medical consent (

The company behind America's opioid epidemic pleaded guilty to felony crimes a decade ago, yet is still allowed to sell products across America (

AUTONOMOUS PLANES now weaponized as pesticide delivery platforms to inundate farmland with toxic chemicals (

Whole Foods owner profits from sales of Antifa terrorism symbols and left-wing "murder books" on (

Memphis Meats receives massive investment from Bill Gates; hopes to eliminate all animal slaughter within 30 years (

BOMBSHELL: These teenage girls DIED of meningitis even after getting vaccinated? total media blackout (

BOMBSHELL: UNICEF just finished vaccinating 355,000 children to halt a polio outbreak caused by vaccinating children in the first place (

Washington Post celebrates radical Left-wing violent extremists, painting them as heroes for destroying property and sowing chaos (

GMO "safety" has been systematically and deliberately falsified (

Nature fights back: Elephant tramples big game hunter to death (

ACLU apologizes to Twitter hate mob - admits photo of white child holding American flag is shameful example of white supremacy (

Google shuts off all accounts of statistician without warning? The techno LYNCH MOB is out of control (

Google now banning SCIENTISTS and statisticians as the search engine's war on truth ramps up (

Puzzling: Was Amelia Earhart Executed by the Japanese? (

Hard-hitting docu-series "GMOs Revealed" begins airing TODAY? see explosive new revelations about dangers of GMOs and glyphosate (

A total eclipse of SANITY: America under the spell of mass hysteria engineered by a dangerous, globalist-controlled media (

Radical Left now attempting to memory-hole America? calls for taking down statues of Washington, Jefferson and Founding Fathers (

At its current pace, Chicago will record 700 homicides this year, even while citizens are not allowed to defend themselves with firearms (

Panicked buying of iodide now underway as radiation "antidote" reportedly "flying off shelves" (

WAKE UP: StartPage search engine is powered by Google ? Use GoodGopher or DuckDuckGo instead (

Charlottesville (commentary by Paul Craig Roberts) (

Culture assault: New Roseanne series pushes transgenderism to children with "gender fluid" 9-year-old (

Best explanation yet of what happened in Charlottesville: Stefan Molyneux and Faith Goldy report the truth you won't hear in the media (

Facebook to push more left-wing FAKE NEWS by "flagging" real news as fake (

Study reveals that pet cats and dogs account for 30 percent of meat consumption in the U.S. (

As medical costs continue to skyrocket, restaurants are now adding surcharge fees to cover health insurance for employees (

Weather-based MIND CONTROL: Mobile app advertisers check the weather in your area to decide what ads will influence you the most (

Jeff Bezos wants to be your medication DEALER: Amazon goes all-in with Big Pharma to take over the drug retail industry (

The biotech industry has infiltrated and now controls nearly all GMO regulators (

Cleveland Clinic cardiologist Steven Nissen goes full quack, insists people who believe in statin drug side effects are part of a "cult" (

Asset forfeiture on steroids: new order allows FEDS to SEIZE property from suspected criminals even if you're found not guilty (

Bulletproof boobs? Researchers claim breast implants reduce damage from gunshot injuries? seriously (

Dean of a California university's medical school was a pill-popping, prostitute-banging, meth head surgeon (

CONFIRMED: Amazon going all-in with Big Pharma, plans to launch online pharmaceutical sales to earn billions in drug profits (

Uber violates your privacy by permanently storing all the locations where you were picked up and dropped off (

Nike just folded under the monopoly might of Amazon? can anyone halt the Bezonian behemoth? (

Children with high lead exposure also commit more crimes as adults (

"Unconfirmed allegations" levied against Hampton Creek to disrupt its non-GMO business? sabotage from within? (

Woman shoots and kills her boyfriend in Youtube publicity stunt gone incredibly wrong (

It's not just in America: Norwegian nursing homes are also over-medicating their senior citizens (

Even globalist Bill Gates thinks we should tighten immigration flow in Europe (

"White Privilege" Is A Racist Concept (

Vaccine industry celebrates Disneyland measles outbreak operation as a huge success, seeks to model similar outbreaks for more fear propaganda (

Parents sue school after "lockdown drill" subjected children to terrifying masked man with weapons (

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a dangerous, demented hate group that incites murder against Christians and conservatives (

Chemical industry lies exposed by their own internal documents (

Florida citizens who abandoned their pets could face FELONY charges (

Are you washing your sheets often enough? Analysis shows most people don't (

LA Metro begins fining men for "manspreading" sitting posture? the war on men achieves new insanity (

Is it time to break up the social media giants by using anti-trust laws? (

Teenagers waste 40 days a year looking at mobile devices, startling research discovers (

Celebrated trans model for L'Oreal cosmetics goes on intolerant rage: "ALL white people are racist" (

Push for women to take on male roles in society causing both sexes to feel MISERABLE (

School punishes first-grader after "misgendering" a gender-confused classmate (

Horrific health hazards lurking in Houston flood waters (

Health Ranger Store helps with disaster relief efforts as Harvey leaves behind a wake of utter destruction (

Food samples given away at grocery stores rely on "hacking" the brains of consumers with a clever influence strategy (

Left-leaning Boston Globe now publishing hit pieces on the children of Catholic priests (

Beware the slippery slope of banning web domains for "hate speech" ? this could all lead to content totalitarianism and the radicalization of those who are censored (

How Bitcoin just proved it is NOT a store of value or a reliable strategy for savings (

The mainstream media is POISONING America (

Even White Supremacists often found to be of African ancestry? Can we stop the racial hatred already? (

Now Yahoo News endorses Antifa terrorist organization with glowing review, joining CNN endorsement of Left-wing terrorists (

These six U.S. airports are scanning your face when you leave the country (

Mark Zuckerberg happily repeats communist China propaganda as Facebook deploys in China, censoring citizens there just as it does in America (

Bizarre study finds that Asian Americans who get fat are perceived as "more American," fitting in with the fat culture (

Media now pushing claims that being unemployed is healthier than holding down a "stressful" job ? all part of the push toward "basic monthly income" welfare (

Acidic water stripped the lead right out of water infrastructure pipes in Flint, analysis reveals (

Scientifically illiterate mainstream media now claims non-fluoridated bottled water is "causing cavities" ? Yes, WATER is now called dangerous if it's clean (

Massive twitter WITCH HUNT targets conservatives who attended Charlottesville rally, publicly shaming them and getting them FIRED from their jobs (

If Google and Facebook are not regulated, their politically-motivated censorship will drive America to open warfare in the streets (

Amazon building a massive "army" of drone deployment zones that can also be used to wage warfare on Americans (

Meet "Red Guards Austin," a Marxist, Left-wing terrorist group based in Austin, Texas (

Google has been turned into a Left-wing snowflake "echo chamber" that crushes diversity of thought, warns engineer in 10-page memo (

Positive Thinking DEBUNKED: Belief in a positive future found to halt present-day action (and lead to bad outcomes) (

Absurd science: Study claims Mediterranean diet only protects your health if you're RICH (

Shark attack victim survives by ripping out the shark's eyeballs (

America on drugs: Shocking one-third of U.S. adults are prescribed opioids (

Shocking study finds that 90 percent of American men are too fat (

Discredited "fact checking" propaganda site now begging for money to avoid collapse (

Neil deGrasse Tyson teams up with violent wife beater Jon Entine and convicted felon ringleader of ACSH to produce Monsanto propaganda film called "Food Evolution" (

Scientists detect more strange signals from outer space? is somebody trying to talk to us? (

Hilarious video: College students and professors LOVE socialism ? but have no idea what it is (

Man reveals how taking antidepressant drugs made him kill his own son (

Why the "healthy" life expectancy of Millennials is collapsing: Lack of exercise, horrible diets and bad posture (

Electronic device manufacturers increasingly claim REPAIRING them would violate patent laws (

The real cost of illegal immigration: Eight people COOKED to death in the back of a trailer in a Texas Wal-Mart parking lot (

Intolerance parade: College LGBTQ director attacks integrity of 'white GAYS' ? Suddenly it's not PC to be white and gay? (

California attempting to declare itself a lawless "Sanctuary State" that will welcome flood of illegals (and pay their health care costs, too) (

Heroin epidemic leaving a trail of dirty needles in rivers, beaches, and playgrounds (

Wealthy California suburb goes BROKE, wants residents to pony up new fees or face service cuts (

Angry Woman Screams at Veteran for Bringing Service Dog into Restaurant (

University study confirms that most minorities have NEVER experienced discrimination of any kind (

Texas carpet bombs its own hurricane-traumatized victims with neurological poisons sprayed from military planes (

Antifa activists say violence is necessary (

Univ. of Minnesota publishes "nonbinary gender pronouns" writing guide to butcher the English language on behalf of crybullies and snowflakes (

Clueless celebrities tout sickening Planned Parenthood T-shirts celebrating abortion: United we Plan (to murder babies) (

Addiction to technology is creating digital slaves who can't think for themselves (

Children have pitiful knowledge of where food comes from (

Police ordered to stop interacting with nurses after illegally arresting nurse in Utah hospital (

These are the 45 goals of communism's takeover of America? more than half have already been achieved (

Amazon Whole Foods slashes prices in predatory move to eliminate health food store competition and form a dangerous MONOPOLY (

FBI, DHS Officially Classify Antifa Activities As "Domestic Terrorist Violence" (

Why is the mainstream media calling for even MORE violence in the streets? Because the Left profits from it (

How the SPLC has become a "journo-terrorism" hate group that stirs up attempted murder and violence against Christian and conservative organizations (

School lunches found to DEPRIVE students of essential nutrition, study says (

Ancient Babylonian clay tablet discovered to be a trigonometry reference sheet for building temples and canals (

Over a million children under the age of six are currently on psychiatric drugs in America (

Starbucks CEO implies it's perfectly okay to commit violence against Whites, but not non-Whites (

All sheeple citizens who want to receive government benefits must agree to be microchipped in the near future (

Female Genital Mutilation rampant across Muslim communities: 80% of women mutilated in the name of a "peaceful religion" (

Insanity of the intolerant Left reaches whole new level of absurdity as ASIAN-Americans are now vilified for having the last name "Lee" (

Navy brass NOT ruling out cyber attacks in string of warship incidents and collisions involving 7th Fleet (

School nurses intimidating and pressuring young girls to get the HPV vaccine jab, even resorting to BULLYING tactics (

Beware of Amazon product reviews: New research finds they can mislead you (

After dying, some people really do go to Hell? and some have returned to tell the tale (

The violent Left has the support of pop culture freaks, political cowards and media elite ? Why you need to prepare to defend yourself (

Why stop at mere censorship? Neo-Nazis should be banned from municipal water, electricity services and private property ownership rights, too (

March on Google postponed after Antifa left-wing terror group threatens to ram cars into peaceful protesters (

Charlottesville reporting shows the REAL danger to America is not violent riots but a wildly dishonest media that lies and distorts everything for political gain (

Massive nationwide #MarchOnGoogle August 19th ? join the protest against techno tyranny and 'Goolag' dictators (

Another Monsanto BOMBSHELL: Company caught ghostwriting its own "independent safety reviews" (

Transgender summer camp now enrolling toddlers as young as four years old (

American Diabetes Association a FRAUD: Recommended recipes found to contain ingredients that cause diabetes (

Elon Musks's Tesla company increasingly looking like a fraudulent scheme where customers who cancel orders can't get their money back (

DEPOPULATION assault is working: Sperm viability plunges among men (

"Poison Papers" Snapshot: HOJO Transcript Illustrates EPA Collusion With Chemical Industry (

Uncovered: Monsanto campaign to get S?ralini study retracted (

American Cancer Society website literally suggests recipes that CAUSE cancer while the rest of us are fighting to prevent and cure it (

One million illegals managed to get driver's licenses in California? and of course they illegally VOTE, too (

Mother reported to child services for "oral neglect" for switching child's dentist (

Food wisdom: How to avoid GMOs and toxic herbicides (video) (

Traces of cancer-causing glyphosate herbicide found in Ben & Jerry's ice cream (

Infections in immigrants now pushing governments to mandate MORE vaccine injections for citizens who don't even carry the diseases (

Discovery Channel broadcasts FAKE race between Michael Phelps and a Great White shark? it never actually happened (

Reality check: Obamacare is KILLING people right now (

97% of tested mac and cheese products found to contain chemicals used in plastics, rubber, coatings, adhesives, sealants and printing inks (

Huge increase in children being indoctrinated with gender identity propaganda (and even undergoing surgeries) (

The average American household can't afford a new car, and some can't even buy a used one (

In pushing malaria drug finding, the mainstream media accidentally admits Zika virus vaccines are obsolete (

California citizens criminalized for refusing vaccines while actual violent criminals will be granted legal immunity under new "Sanctuary" push (