Weird News

Halftime HELL: Satan speaks through Lady Gaga to declare dominion over the Earth (while Pope Francis blesses) (satire) (

Organ donor wakes up during harvesting of her body parts after doctors jumped to conclusions (

New JC Penney advertisement shamefully promotes obesity (

McDonald's unveils a $1.5K golden chicken McNugget in Japan (

Burgers contain rat and human DNA, study finds (

Child born in China with 15 fingers and 16 toes... This is the place where a lot of your 'organic' food gets smothered in chemicals, then imported into the USA (

Modern-day mummy mystery: experienced sailor found dead in the Pacific (

Three major reasons why intelligent people talk to themselves (

Mere months after Health Ranger jokes about 'trans species' claims, a Norwegian woman says she's a cat trapped in a human body (

Coyotes on psychedelic mushrooms are staring down and attacking cars (

Yes, 'anal hazing' is a thing in America's high schools ... Sodomy now a rite of passage (

Chinese government bulldozes hospital and morgue with patients and doctors still inside to make room for a road expansion project (

Mafia running olive oil thefts, stealing 'liquid gold' extra virgin oil from Spanish orchards and processors (

Burglar stuck in chimney dies after unsuspecting homeowner lights fireplace (

Worst eyewitness sketch in history actually helps investigators arrest suspected murderer (

Wikipedia, co-founded by a porn peddler, is now exposed as a massive blackmail engine run by criminal editors (

Target sells sex toys near children's toothbrushes to promote sex-obsessed pop culture (

New tattoo trend gives scar face a whole new meaning (

The Iron Maiden: Medieval Torture Device and Satanic 666 Ale (

Parents, beware: Mattel's interactive "Hello Barbie" may be susceptible to computer hacks (

After defending abortion organ harvesting, the NYT now defends radical Islam (

Monsignor Meth: Priest turned drug dealer Kevin Wallin receives 65 months in prison for peddling meth (

Facebook now discriminating against Vietnamese users with non-English names (

Female cops win discrimination lawsuit after failing fitness exam; forces city to hire fat, weak, unfit slobs as police officers (

College leftists now acting just like Stalinist and Maoist operatives with 'purge' demands for conservative thinkers (

REAL LIFE "X-MEN"? 5-year-old prodigy exhibits telepathic abilities, knows seven languages and recites numbers "written in secret" (

Tabloids stir up controversy between Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono (

Gwyneth Paltrow considering freezing herself for possible resurrection in the future (

Former UK politician claims he stopped sinister Illuminati plot to unlock the gates of hell with LHC (

SPLC plans to use Common Core to indoctrinate kids with LGBT propaganda (

What are they hiding? Police order BBC reporter to destroy evidence of VA shooter's crashed vehicle (

How to get a good psychic reading (

"I Lived In Mercury": Frank Zappa family poisoned by Pentagon toxins during childhood, pre-death confession reveals (

Rosie O'Donnell's wayward daughter reveals home life of unbridled banality, in exclusive tell-nothing interview (

Yes, you can DIE in a McDonald's restaurant and not be noticed for 24 hours (

Obama greeted the Pope with a gay bishop, gay blogger and transexual (

Thousands of blood-sucking vampires actually live all over the world, and they just need a little help, study says (

Hoax press release makes the media go "Helter Stupid" over Christian axe murderer (

Study claims smelling farts prevents cancer - here are some less pungent alternatives (

Rapper: Caitlyn Jenner and MSM promotion of poor values a rebuke to God (

Landscapers confuse weed killer with fertilizer, causing massive turf die-off on high school football field (

Flight logs show Bill Clinton and Harvard prof. took many trips on private plane where underage girl was allegedly molested (

Subway executives helped protect Jared Fogle after learning about his sick child abuse - source (

Drug industry created "female sexual dysfunction" just to sell more high-profit drugs to women they won't help (

Massive, strange anomaly discovered under the frozen ice of Antarctica (

Miracle: 101-year-old woman with dementia remains talented pianist, playing 400 songs by ear (

Big Pharma hit job? Hedge funder 'commits suicide' by slashing his own throat after implicating the FDA (

A talking parrot could help solve a murder case (

Short people are paying black market surgeons to lengthen their legs so that they appear taller (

'Fearless' feminists launch #ShoutYourStatus campaign to glorify? STDs and STIs? because preventable, harmful diseases are 'empowering'? (

Food analysis lab censors findings showing hotdogs contain human DNA (

Man becomes math savant after violent attack alters his brain (

Mentally ill man now living out fantasy as 7-year-old girl's 'little sister,' after abandoning his wife and children (

Harvard dean's next target: Banning all-male clubs and freedom of association (

Biotech scientists now raising human-animal chimeras on U.S. farms (

How the Beatles plotted to destroy America through the most cunning, diabolical conspiracy in human history (

Have you ever heard of the mysterious "Suicide Forest" in Japan? (

Bernie Sanders praises communist mass murderer on video - this is the true philosophy of the extreme left (

Teen recovers from Walking Corpse Syndrome: some people believe they are the living dead (

Protesters from University of Texas wave dildos while chanting fart noises to mock gun-rights activists (

University of Vermont holds "white privilege" retreat to help white students come to terms with being white (

Is Seattle about to say goodbye to single-family homes? (

Katy Perry is the new climate change fraud weathergirl (

How to tell if someone is lying to you! (

Susan Sarandon: Pope will be assassinated for his progressive views (

Amazon now plastering Nazi symbolism across NYC while banning books that question the government (

Author says everyone has an inner psychic ability (

Mizzou hunger strike student came from family that achieved the American Dream (

Biohackers insert cyborg chips under skin to make tattoos glow (

Paranoid hysteria strikes University of Missouri campus as crazed, delusional Mizzou students start hallucinating KKK members that don't exist (

Your blood might be someone else's medication... Vampires are REAL and living in New Orleans (

Satellite images reveal mysterious, ancient superstructures built in Kazakhstan thousands of years before the Egyptian pyramids (

Bullet scam: Filipino airport security personnel extorting passengers over planted contraband (

Volkswagen: Emissions scandal brings reminder of automaker's Nazi lineage (

Monsanto douchebag Kevin Folta from Univ. of Florida outed as fake podcast alter ego who interviewed himself! (

Skeptics say hypnosis doesn't work, but blame schoolteacher's hypnosis sessions for student suicides (

Liberal university now pushing roasted crickets as food source... let the 'Soylent Green' propaganda begin! (

How to communicate with the deceased (

[Video] Same crisis actor caught red handed at 4 different terrorist attacks (

[Video] Bill Nye Goes on unscientific anti-life tirade about the Bible (

Maggot-infested school lunches sent to worm farms after U.S. students refuse to eat them (

Chinese man goes missing after agreeing to sell his kidney for an iPhone (

Childcare worker faces small fine for dropping her own two-year-old into cheetah exhibit - but at least she's not a kookie anti-vaxxer! (

Boot camp: The Chinese way to beat cell phone addiction (

Rainbow Doritos the latest absurd example of corporate #gaywashing... Frito-Lay trying to feed obese lesbians GMO snack chips laced with MSG and artificial colors (

New company sets out to develop meats and cheeses made entirely from plants (

Woman tries to cook with olive oil SHOWER GEL, then wonders why everything tastes so horrible (

10 shocking facts you never knew about Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales (

Chinese political dissidents are having their organs cut from their bodies for 'transplant tourists' (

'Kush' outbreak causes devastation in Houston park (

Omar Mateen's GUN was homophobic, not his religion (

Spirit apparitions of Fukushima now hitching rides with Japanese taxi drivers (

Tyson Foods runs slave camp as workers are forced to wear diapers, denied bathroom breaks (

Warning: Using too many condoms could place you on a government watchlist! (

Fashion model returns to catwalk four years after toxic tampon caused her to lose her leg (

FACT: Food industry uses beaver anal secretions to "flavor" your food! (

FACT: Most breads contain human hair sourced from China (

Meet the "vampire girl" who drinks only her boyfriend's BLOOD (

Women in America claim extraterrestrials fathered HYBRID children with them (

Children being indoctrinated into surveillance police state with Elf on the Shelf toy (

Was a professor fired for speaking out about Sandy Hook? (

Meet the blood-drinking, "real vampires" of New Orleans (

Washington group proposes composting the dead to use as garden soil (

Did global warming cause San Bernardino shooting? Liberal narratives more loony than the shooters themselves (

Disney's ABC now whoring out the Muppets to market sexual perversion to children (

Worker tells CNN health center was going through active shooter exercises as attacks took place (

Adult sex store offends residents with sexually explicit skeleton display (

Joker creates fake Facebook username "Phuc Dat Bich" to trick mainstream media and Internet at large (

What's the secret to influencing others to do what you want them to do? (

University of Vermont tells white students to attend three-day 'privilege retreat' so they can confront their white privilege (

Jared Fogle's attorneys blame "Subway diet" for client's child molesting tendencies (

Mentally deranged academic Monsanto shill disguises voice to interview himself and sing song duets defending GMOs (

Vatican secretly operates brothels for priests, leaked documents reveals (

FAKEBOOK: Desperate need to be socially accepted drives Facebook users to stage fake photos, vacations and fashion accessories (

Southern Poverty Law Center self-destructs into paranoid frenzy of leftist idiocy, naming nearly everyone a conspiracy theorist (

Bogus smartwatch claims it can measure your sexual performance (

Loopy liberals now trying to say the definition of a 'woman' is merely a decision not rooted in biological reality (

SPLC's paranoia: Everyone's part of a "conspiracy theory" (

Are women more psychic than men? (

Why are commercial airline pilots suddenly passing out or dying at the wheel? (

Democratic congresswoman claims global warming will force American women into prostitution (

University of Texas alumnus fights guns with gigantic swinging dildos (

[Video] Parent watches in glee as son receives hormone dose to alter gender (

NASA experiment turned to bestiality: Trainer who had sex with a dolphin tells all (

America's stupidest: Man accidentally sets fire to gas pump [Video] (

Kazakhstan town plagued by mysterious illness that causes residents to fall unconscious for days (

Robo sex trafficking? New campaign issues ban on sex robots (

15 percent of men are willing to have sex with a robot, survey finds (

Naturally Reverse Gray Hair (

Hillary Clinton says people who oppose chopping up live babies for profit are "terrorists" (

Fox News Anchor Sues for "Emotional Damage" over Toy She Thinks Looks Like Her (

BUSTED: Videos of Virginia Reporter Shooting Hoax Were Separate Takes! (

Hospital quarantined after 5 people suffer mysterious hallucinations - illness spread by touch (

50 holistic doctors have mysteriously died in the last year, but what's being done about it? (

Natural human combustion: Is it actually possible for people to spontaneously burst into flames? (

CLAIM: Toddler finds DEAD RAT decomposing in his Dr. Pepper (

An unbreakable bond: Babies in the womb can lend cells to their pregnant mothers if her body becomes injured (

Disgruntled Kellogg's factory worker urinates all over breakfast cereal conveyor belt, films it, and posts video online (

Is the gemstone Tourmaline effective at reducing harmful EMF's? (

Woman returns to life after nearly an hour of clinical death; claims deceased husband spoke to her (

The ultimate RAW food? 5,000 'real vampires' across the USA need to consume raw human blood just to survive (

WATCH: Alex Jones flip-flops on Sarah Palin, calls her "New World Order hooker" before endorsing her as "real deal" (

Wisconsin girl dies from wearing shorts, T-shirt in freezing weather (

British woman has stomach removed after being served two shots of liquid nitrogen at wine bar (

[Explicit] Nude woman stands with sign in Cologne, men interviewed afterward ask, "There was a sign?" (

Transhumanist candidate Zoltan Istvan promises immortality in 2016 presidential election (

Is the Great Bosnian Pyramid actually just a big hill? (

Teacher arrested after assaulting child and stealing food from hungry six-year-olds (

Biological males who identify as females can now freely undress in girls' locker rooms (

Monsanto douchebag, biotech troll and paid-off academic shill Kevin Folta says he's quitting the internet (

The story circulating claiming the Oath Keepers are providing security for Planned Parenthood is completely FALSE. (

Everyone's a psychic: Learn how to "see" into the minds of others! (

Psychologist pours DRAIN CLEANER in woman's eyes to 'treat' her mental disorder (

Secret government program used telepathy to contact aliens, argues investigative journalist Jim Marrs (

Clinical proof that most politicians and CEOs are certifiably insane (

Nepalese tribesmen risk their lives to harvest hallucinogenic honey made by giant bees (

University of Florida an insane asylum staffed by lying Monsanto shill who faked another personality to interview himself defending GMOs (

Woman spontaneously burst into flames as she sat on a park bench in Germany (

Foreign Affairs magazine says Volkswagen lost its corporate soul ? which begs the question - what soul? (

Scientists feverishly working to develop artificial meat as biotech industry's next big product (

Kansas doctor says unborn baby is just like a breast tumor (

Now owned by America-hating Disney, Marvel superhero Captain America beats up 'villains' who seek to protect America's borders (

Sexting reaches new level of excitement with penis and vagina flirtmojis (

Pope Francis hypocrisy: Advocates for open borders while Vatican City fully walled off from public (

Seth Rogen slurs Ben Carson, as the left attacks an apostate to their radical agenda (

How to tell your fortune by the grounds in a tea or coffee cup (

The most hilarious gun control memes: How gun control advocates protect their yards with idiotic signs; why bombs are clocks, but Pop-Tarts are guns... and more (

Man arrested for attempting to open plane door at 30,000 feet: Mistook it for bathroom (

Nearly one-fifth of college students hear a mysterious exploding noise in their head (

Amsterdam hosts blood-showering party on Halloween (

Mainstream Satanism: Former child star Miley Cyrus considers devil horn implants (

The feminization of America accelerates as universities shame men for being men (

Starbucks issues ultimatum: People who believe in traditional marriage not welcomed as customers (

Scientists GONE WILD: Discredited Monsanto shill Kevin Folta unleashes twitter aneurism, accuses Health Ranger of 'violence' and Food Babe of 'terrorism' (

Rochester General Hospital in New York tells parents that kidnapping is part of its policy to enforce "mandatory" medical treatments (

AI robot that learns new words in real-time tells human creators it will keep them in a "people zoo" (