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???Refuse Fascism??? group behind Berkeley riot received $50k from George Soros (

Berkeley Mayor sides with the unhinged Left-wing terrorists, blaming Milo for the violence (

Left goes all-in for STUPID: Liberal Judge wears "pussy hat" in courtroom (

"Progressive" FAIL: Same UC Berkeley that started the Free Speech movement in the 60s is now rioting against it (

White women's march a sickening celebration of genocide against blacks: The Planned Parenthood legacy you've never been told (

Students arrested for handing out copies of the Constitution (

Cyndi Lauper on Madonna's women's march comments: They 'didn't serve a purpose' (

The Nobel Prize has become meaningless; it's nothing more than a fake award handed out to those who conspire with globalists (

If a black youth had been kidnapped, tied up and beaten by whites, cities all over the country would burn (

UK approves babies made from three people (

British man rewarded $150k after routine haircut triggers blood clot and stroke (

Man who identifies as woman sentenced to prison for recording women in target fitting room (

Illinois turns hair stylists into snitches; tells them to spy on their customers and report to law enforcement (

Walking your children home from school and driving while caffeinated are now felony crimes in police state America (

Black market organ trading and transplant industry exposed in Egypt (and yes, it exists in America too) (

HuffPo's Syrian refugee columnist: 'women to blame' for New Year's sex attacks for being 'out alone at night (

Snowflake college students demanding "sanctuary" from student loans and final exams (

Pizzagate shooter was literally an actor? the theatrics continue (

Race-baiting Shaun King launches SJW boycott based off lies, targeting 3 cities (

Health Ranger store Christmas sale: Special discount on "For Him" package (

Will liberals call for bans on knives and cars in the wake of the Ohio State mass stabbing by a radical Muslim terrorist? (

North Korea commands 3-day mourning period for murderous dictator Fidel Castro (

'Suck it up, Buttercup' bill from Iowa will stop spending taxpayer money on colleges who treat students like babies (

An open letter to America's college cupcakes on Veterans Day (

U.S. postal carrier filmed dumping bins of mail into a ditch (

20% of water fountains in Chicago parks have alarming levels of lead (

Rebel with a cause: Why it's right to speak up when the crowd is wrong (

Chicagoland: Baby girl delivered after mother dies from gunshot wound (

SSRIs and Mass Killings: must-see mini-documentary you might have missed (

U.S. owes black people reparations for a history of 'racial terrorism,' says U.N. panel (

Nation of Islam leader tells #BlackLivesMatter "don't spend no money with no white folks" (

FLASHBACK: California law to grant student loans to non-U.S. citizens staying in California illegally (

Pastor's Wife Shoots Would-Be Robber Who Beat Her Husband with Rifle (

HealthForce supposedly didn't know their founder had died until Natural News reported it six months later (

Collapse of Europe: Migrants in Sweden have turned suburbs into war zones (

University cafeterias reflect prisons more than educational institutions as PC madness grows (

What George Soros has to gain from funding the overflowing, violent refugee crisis in Europe (

False reports of 'active shooter' at LAX: A new era of chaos and fear in America (

Protesters in Argentina force Monsanto to destroy GMO seed manufacturing plant (

Venezuelans continue to starve, as government refuses to blame socialism (

Back to school shots: How your child is being programmed (

Soros-funded group instructs Socialist leaders in Europe to brand ANY opposition as 'xenophobic' (

Cry me a river: Muslim flight attendant complains and sues airlines for not doing her job (

Good Designs For Chicken Coops Really Do Make All The Difference (

What do Americans Fear the Most? (Video) (

You won't believe the insane way leftovers are being reused by China's restaurants (

Mary's Gone Crackers busted for employing 49 illegal aliens, displacing the jobs of U.S. workers (

Modern-day UK: doctors faced with 5,700 cases of female genital mutilation this year (

Milo On Joe Rogan: Nobody Believes Trans Women Are Women (

Liberal lunacy reaches new low with democrat claim that it's easier to buy a gun than buy a Happy Meal? (

Radical Anti-Trump resistance leader charged with sexual abuse of teenage boy (

Social Security's identity theft problem: nearly $30 million conned by using dead people's SSNs (

Blood-stained evidence of an unsolved murder case found hidden in a sheriff deputy's storage unit (

Third world status: 30 percent of Americans could soon not afford safe running water (

Police warn of latest phone scam: "Can you hear me?" question ensnares you into expensive mistake (

Students arrested for handing out copies of the Constitution (

Migrants stream 'gang-rape' of woman on Facebook live - Rape in Sweden exploding thanks to mass immigration (

Former child sex slave shares horrifying story of abuse, many networks owned by global elite (

Report: Secret Service to investigate Madonna for 'blowing up the White House' comment (

Has Lindsay Lohan converted to Islam? (

The truth about Che Guevara: Leftist 'hero' murdered gays, burned books and disparaged blacks (

Transgenders who identify as male now allowed in the National Women's Hockey League (

Convicted murderer becomes first inmate to score taxpayer-funded transgender surgery (

Whole Foods employees sue, claiming they were cheated out of holiday bonuses (

Large food companies Kellogg's, Nestle, Proctor & Gamble accused of profiting from child labor (

Same UN that doesn't condemn child marriage, dumps Wonder Woman as ambassador for 'objectifying women' (

Scientifically illiterate EPA thinks people can be a 'blend' of male and female genders (

Angela Merkel calls for Burka Ban in Germany after helping create the refugee crisis (

SICKOS: NYT now arguing that pedophilia is not a crime? 'love wins' when adults prey on children (

Sweden: 16 disability organizations evicted to make room for migrants (

Questions raised about Twitter founder's support of pedophile rings (

At Least 8 Injured In Mass Shooting At Ohio State University (

Incredible pictures show untouched Amazon tribe (

Blackwater founder: NYPD has enough to make arrests in Weinergate case over pedophilia charges (

HS soccer player wakes up from concussion speaking fluent Spanish instead of English (

'Refugees' are posing as minors to illegally enter Britain (

Population control? Half a million elderly people go missing in China every year (

Devil child sets special needs boy on fire ( raided, CEO arrested in Texas for allegedly pimping children (

Politically correct societies encourage Nazi-like oppression, complete with acts of violence (

Charlotte protests erupt in more unnecessary violence - 16 officers wounded (

A Social Injustice Indeed (

Higher tuition costs pushing college students into prostituting themselves (

Knife-wielding clowns are trying to lure people into the Carolina woods (

Police Post Shocking Pictures Of Adults Who Overdosed With 4-Year-Old In Vehicle (

The secret global court, and why corrupt corporations desperately want the TPP (

Zuckerberg says Facebook isn't a media company as crowd laughs (

The race to ineptitude: California court says terrible unproductive teachers can keep their jobs (

Did an assassin try to kill Wikileaks founder Julian Assange? (

Is America Next? Phony "Mass Protest Movements" Used to Destroy Nations (

Cornell University student exposes his own university's pro-GMO corruption in shocking open letter (

Beyond your standard fire drill: schools in France now have to teach children terror attack escape routes (

The cover-ups vs. the cover-nots: Egyptian and German beach volleyball players highlight the cultural divide between Western and Islamic women's team (

Bill Gates and George Soros fund Monsanto and a world depopulation agenda (

African-Americans are being radicalized by Left-wing media to become domestic terrorists (

You Can Make These All-Natural Anti-Perspirants For Your Entire Family (

Hospital Drops Abortionist After Demonic Rant Saying He Loves Killing Babies (

Public school bans applause because it might startle 'sensitive' students ... but 'silent cheering' approved as ok (for now) (

Milo On Joe Rogan: Nobody Believes Trans Women Are Women (

Why Are So Many Americans Committing Suicide? Debt And Big Pharma May Be What's Killing Us (

OOPS: Man eaten alive at zoo after trying to sneak in through tigers' pen (

Man, screaming 'Allahu Akbar' attacks French soldiers with a machete at the Louvre in Paris (

Massive human trafficking ring busted in California? 500 arrested in police raids (

The new liberal philosophy explained: HATRED is tolerance; conformity is diversity; consensus is fact (

Police warn of latest phone scam: "Can you hear me?" question ensnares you into expensive mistake (

The Arizona desert holds 146 frozen humans waiting to be resurrected (

Hatred and intolerance of the left on display as college professor calls for genocide against all whites (

'SNL' writer suspended for tweet calling Barron Trump a future 'homeschool shooter' (

Rescued South Korean dogs from meat factory farms find hope in new US homes (

Disturbing video shows endangered tiger tied down by circus crew so customers can pose for pictures (

Plans to strip Planned Parenthood of federal funding could save hundreds of millions of dollars (and thousands of lives) (

MMA fighters and UFC's Dana White respond to Meryl Streep's claim mixed martial arts? "are not the arts" (

Off-duty firefighter saved 30 people suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning at NC restaurant (

It's time to prosecute George Soros (

Standing Rock Represents a Shift in American Consciousness (

Liberal-backing ACLU sues small town into submission over cross on top of Christmas tree (

Floyd Mayweather threatens to 'slap' Conor McGregor in vulgar rant (

Another insider Democrat arrested for pedophilia? how deep does #PedoGate actually go? (

Tim Allen hilariously rips PC microaggressions as an attack on free speech during 'Last Man Standing' episode (

Kellogg's found to have financial ties to the money man for cop-killing left-wing HATE groups: George Soros (

Mississippi teacher caught DRAGGING special needs student by hair, charged with abuse (

Ohio attacker reportedly a Somali refugee and a student at OSU (

No justice: Man gets 40 years for killing daughter's molester (

Patient farts during surgery, ignites laser and sets self ablaze (

Nigel Farage: The little people have had enough (

Parents found dead from heroin overdoses in home with four children (

Instead of the family-oriented animation-and-movie company with fun-filled theme parks and Mickey Mouse, the company's "visionary," Walt Disney, "is now better known for being a racist, a misogynist, and a Jew-hater." (

Sweden has become one of the largest exporters of jihad in Europe (

The death of mainstream media (

How the super rich alter Google Maps and GPS to make themselves invisible (

A question for Charlotte: How does looting a Walmart, burning a truck advance your cause? (

Social collapse in America's cities: Millions of teens starving, trading sex for food (

Los Angeles VA hospital lost 30 cars, then fired worker who reported it (

BLM plans to systematically sterilize wild horses, murder thousands (

Vin Diesel joins growing list of celebrities 'calling out' chemtrails (

Old Disney cartoon contains hidden message in plain sight: "Ask About Illuminati" (

World's oldest man 'just wants to die' (

Covert video shows dairy cows being attacked with chains and rakes, with blood oozing from wounds while milked (

Germany urges citizens to stockpile food and water to prepare for the implosion of Europe (

Bill Gates.. Genius or a Psychopath ? You Decide (

The UN's slow-kill plan set to begin with a subtle push for food shortages, 3 billion lives at risk (

Now Is The Time To Begin Planning For Your Fall Garden (

Michael Phelps using cupping while becoming the greatest Olympic athlete of all time (

Wikipedia exposed as junk science propaganda platform for Big Pharma (

Panic Mode: Khizr Khan Deletes Law Firm Website that Specialized in Muslim Immigration (

Survey shows 34 percent of Americans are excited about the prospect of microchips implanted in their brains (

It's all RIGGED: Will the released DNC Leaks be enough to make America reform? (

Failed Merkel Policies Continue To Erupt Into Violence With Mass Shooting In Munich (

Doctor at psychiatric hospital accused of experimenting on children with 'truth serum' drug used on soldiers during WWII (

BLM Agitators Block Highway, Ambulance with Sick Child Forced to Go 25 Minutes Out of the Way (

UC Berkeley is a national disgrace, only a matter of time before conservatives begin defending themselves against the mindless violence of the Left (

Mad stabber attacks citizens right outside CNN building, CNN insists no one should be allowed to have a gun to stop them (

Berkeley riots make it clear: The Alt-Left has turned to domestic terrorism and deliberate violence to silence competing ideas (

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook security goons caught intimidating and threatening Hawaiians (

Daily Beast falls for fake news on parody site while reporting on Quebec Mosque Shooting (

Roger Stone's alleged assassination attempt - who could have been involved? (

Now that the Obama administration is out of office, these people should be arrested for high crimes (

Five Women Whose Rights the 'Women's March' Left Behind (

Triple-homicide: Thug that slayed officer also killed pregnant ex-girlfriend (

Small-scale charity movement sweeping the nation with mini food pantries being hosted in people's yards (

Official Data: Sexual assault jumps by 70% in Sweden (

Note to Meryl Streep and all the left-wing Hollywood fantasy land inhabitants: Being famous, ignorant and loudmouthed is not an award-worthy achievement (

The cruelty behind keeping up with the world for the rarest and most expensive coffee (

'Star Wars' actress Carrie Fisher dies at age 60 (

BREAKING: Berlin truck attacker 'still at large and has a weapon,' 12 dead (

600 adult migrants caught posing as 'underage' refugees (

Gerald Celente explains why the mainstream media now joins the trash heap of history (

Regressive Left college students now insist cop should not have shot the OSU Islamic terrorist (

Widely used educational novels temporarily banned in VA schools, parents concerned for use of 'racial slurs' (

Japan hopes to get elderly drivers off the road by bribing them with ramen noodles (

Brazilian soccer team plane crashes in Colombia: 76 killed, 5 survivors (

'Smartphone detox' shown to relieve stress and anxiety - similar to detoxing from other addictions (

'Tolerant' educators are demanding students who voted for Trump leave campus (

Lil' Wayne schools reporter over #BlackLivesMatter - and it's actually perfect (

Viral sensation man missing half his head arrested - again (

Flashback: Illegal immigrant admits Harvard gives him free ride, including travel expenses, because of undocumented status (

Author Describes Fascist Facebook Cult of Personality (

U.S. colleges abandon real education for coloring books and 'safe spaces' to coddle young, ignorant minds (

Canadian city declares genocidal policy against targeted breed of family dogs (

Charlotte burning: 'protestors' try to set photographer ON FIRE, unarmed bystanders beaten (

Massachusetts ballot measure on charter schools proves even liberals think public education is failing (

The WAR on Reality: Mind-expanding mini-documentary from the Health Ranger rips to shreds the social engineering and 'belief control' manipulation of the masses (

Nobel Peace Prize to be given to terrorist organization? (

Soros group spent thousands on pro-migrant propaganda to confuse public (

Under democrat rule, Chicago homicides are at a 20-year high (

After Planned Parenthood sting, Stalinist California seeks to criminalize investigative reporting (

Optimism bias' explains why people remain in denial about the coming collapse (

Anthony Weiner sexted busty brunette while his son was in bed with him (

Daredevil Virgin Billionaire Richard Branson Dodges Death After Head-First Horror Bike Crash (

The Psychopolitics Of Global Warming And Population Control (

BLM protestors burn gas station, destroy property and target whites for 'beatdowns' in Milwaukee (

Grim Sleeper - serial killer of 10 - sentenced to death in California? but will they even follow through? (

How a piece of cardboard helped save this baby's life (

Why political correctness is actually a war against women (

Why sweet potatoes are the perfect addition to your summer garden (

New Yorkers pressure utility industry for smart meter alternative, citing health and safety concerns (

MSNBC host Chris Matthews actually claims the term 'law and order' is racist (

Grow These Five Great Superfoods Quickly - Even Indoors (

Seattle's release of smart meter documents reinforces the public's fears of invasion of privacy, legal battle to follow (

Euthanasia over adoption: Why you should adopt a stray animal rather than giving it to PETA (