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Massive student loan fraud scam: 99.8% of repayment data fraudulently altered by schools (

Starbucks hates America: CEO pledges to hire 10,000 refugees instead of 10,000 American citizens (

One big, fat, ugly bubble is about to burst? and Donald Trump will be wrongly blamed for it (

Mathematics proves that California's pension system will collapse? here's why (

New York Times plans to vacate 8 floors in their iconic building to generate rental income (

Philadelphia cafe has a 'pay-what-you-can' payment system for the poor (

California's economic incompetence on display, as cities attempt to tax Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video (

Taxpayers could be held accountable for $1.8 million for Jill Stein's voter recount in Michigan (

Kellogg's found to have financial ties to the money man for cop-killing left-wing HATE groups: George Soros (

Black Friday Super Sale happening at the Health Ranger Store (

Natural News announces economic boycott of CNN corporate sponsors, including GEICO, WellsFargo, Sprint, Dodge and ETrade (

Arizona citizens protest company after they donated $1 million to keep marijuana illegal (

Who's "with Her"? Billionaires, bankers, lobbyists, and? journalists (

Today may be your last chance to SELL EVERYTHING: 'Every asset will collapse' warns financial analyst (

Clinton camp changed their mind on soda tax after being lobbied by Coca-Cola (

Global debt hits record $152 trillion dollars - crisis imminent (

Broke governments now want to tax streaming services - how come they never cut back on spending? (

Martin Shkreli Is Auctioning off a Chance to Punch Him in the Face (

The EpiPen pricing scandal continues, as questions arise regarding possible Medicaid fraud (

Government preparing to let food stamp recipients shop at online retailers using taxpayer money (

Employment is NOT on the rise: Here's why? (

Millions of dollars are being pumped into hate organizations to divide population (

Epic fail: IRS has failed to notify taxpayers their identity has been stolen (

Would you pay $500 a month to live in a crawlspace? (

High cost of burials forcing American families to donate their dead relatives to medical schools (

Venezuelan women turning to sterilizations as economic implosion prevents access to traditional contraceptives (

GONE IN 60 SECONDS: Police Can Now Seize All Your Bank Accounts Just By Swiping Any Credit Cards Found In Your Possession (

Big Banks rake in HUGE profits funding internationally banned weapons, cluster bombs deployed in Yemen, Syria (

Former Federal Reserve banker reveals why 'all his rich friends' have stocked up heavily on cash (

Your federal government spent $18M on liquidating cannabis in 2015 alone? a lot of the plants are LEGAL under state law? and the budget's only rising (

IRS releases list of 426 groups targeted for increased scrutiny (

Panama Papers expose George Soros for having deep financial ties to secret weapons company (

Your "dirty" cash will soon be extinct: for your safety, of course. (

Wendy's to replace thousands of cashiers with automated kiosks... $15 wage demands lead to accelerating unemployment and social unrest (

The tax evasion revealed in the Panama Paper is routine business for Apple and Google (

93,482,000 Americans Out of Labor Force in March (

Goldman Slammed With $5.1 Billion Fine For "Serious Misconduct" In Mortgage Selling (

Hillary Clinton's financial donations from pro-fracking groups is making voters doubtful of her newly added 'anti-fracking' talking points (

Governor who actually approved $15 minimum wage hike says it doesn't 'make sense' economically, but feelings are more important (

Obama's economic catastrophe revealed in 9 simple charts (

Whistleblower says $1.2 billion Obamacare contractors paying employees to do absolutely nothing (

Australia targets low-income families for vaccine damage by punishing vaccine objectors with stiff financial losses (

Secretive corporation that extracts cocaine from coca leaves for Coca-Cola found to have paid zero taxes in 2015 (

Anti-toll groups vindicated after Spanish owned toll operator files for bankruptcy (

Climate change profiteers have so far created a $53 billion market based on FEAR and FRAUD (

Cyber crime costing hundreds of billions a year - and price is going up (

REPORT: Legal marijuana would be a $10 billion industry for Canada (

Big Pharma executives freaking out as presidential candidates expose drug industry's evil tactics (

Robots will obliterate America's middle class (

You still aren't grasping the systemic risk in the stock market (

Must-see: Simple chart reveals how Americans have spent their money over the last 75 years (

Number of Americans retiring and moving abroad on the rise as economy nosedives (

Same Marxist agenda behind now running DDoS attacks against Drudge, InfoWars and Natural News (

The only prediction that really matters for 2017: The global debt collapse begins, followed by the rise of fascist, totalitarian government ( hit piece on Natural News backfires: Health Ranger confirmed as world's most powerful foe of corporate science fraud (

Democrat donors just paid $3.5 million to help Trump gain 131 votes in Wisconsin's official recount (

Liberal TIME Magazine now urges all Americans who voted for Hillary to stop paying federal income taxes (

A massive market crash is coming in 2017 ? The Fed will begin the unraveling by raising interest rates in December ( becoming a dangerous monopoly looming over America (

Black Friday Super Sale happening at the Health Ranger Store (

Charity forced to destroy annual food donation for 3,000 homeless people (

DEPLORABLES take back Washington: will tax cuts be on the horizon? (

UN expert: Large corporations have flooded the global food market with cheap, nutrient-poor foods (

Clinton received over 96% of campaign donations from media outlets (

Why is the mainstream media not reporting on the upcoming economic collapse? (

NYC pharmacy charging men higher prices as a 'gender inequality tax' (

Suspicious deaths continue: 50 bankers, doctors and scientists have died 'mysteriously' (

The real price of the War on Drugs costs both money and lives (

Economic collapse forces 15% of Venezuelan population to dumpster dive (

Disgusting: Welfare recipients may soon shop online for clothes using your tax dollars (

Your tax dollars at work: Govt. buys hundreds of billions worth of overpriced drugs each year (

The next major economic crisis is already on the way and most Americans know nothing about it (

Taxpayers shocked to learn their money helped create the EpiPen as price gouging skyrockets out of control (

Who's ready for the $6 TRILLION pension implosion that could shake retirees nationwide? (

'Hero Tax': American Olympians to pay thousands in taxes for winning medals (

Abolishing minimum wage would benefit low-skilled workers and increase workforce equality, says economics professor (

Pesticide industry lobbied $33M last year to influence legislative process, fighting vigorously to keep dangerous products on market (

Microsoft is about to get in on the booming business of the legal cannabis industry (

How Obama's amnesty declaration will make your grocery store foods even more expensive in the future (

Veterans BETRAYED: Career politicians who claim to care slashed funding over $850M, while suicide hotlines for vets go straight to voicemail (

States are missing out on billions in legal marijuana revenues (

Three Philadelphia doctors caught in drug-dealing ring, accused of selling $5 MILLION in prescription drugs (

America's middle class officially no longer the majority as income disparity increases (

Why the Trans-Pacific Partnership should be rejected at all costs (

Dear Taxpayer: The massive bailouts for bankrupt city and state pension funds are coming (

Major financial institutions buying up precious metals in anticipation of dollar collapse (

Iceland's economy has boomed after coming down hard on criminal and fraudulent banksters (

Beware: These fake cancer charities are out to steal your donations! (

Attorney General Loretta Lynch wages total assault against nutritional supplements to protect pharma monopolies (

Healthcare prices spiraling out of control as steep hikes in insurance premiums reach 6-year high (

American unemployment rate at 30% and 17% of U.S. jobs are held by foreign nationals (

Obama justice system protected Wall Street executives from prosecution (

Stock market FRAUD exposed: 93% of market moves since 2008 have been driven entirely by the Fed, not the free market (

Taxpayer-subsidized corn industry spread blatant disinformation, falsely claiming GMO labeling would raise food prices (

Central banksters say outlawing cash will stop criminals ... while stealing trillions from everyone by 'printing' money out of thin air (

Survey: States with more religious residents donate more to charity; wealthy Americans donate less than others (

Obama Administration unleashed thousands of new regulations before Thanksgiving (

Nearly two-thirds of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings, as leftist policies bankrupt nation (

Food packing plants across the USA rely on illegal alien labor to replace more expensive U.S. workers who demand higher pay (

Like sheep to slaughter: You still aren't grasping the systemic risk in the stock market (or else you would have sold everything already) (

Half of humanity???s wealth is owned by only eight people (

Make America Employed Again: Kroger to create 10,000 new jobs in US (

America hits new record under Obama's welfare economy: 95 million people NOT in the work force (

Amazon workers now living, sleeping in "tent ghettos" outside the warehouse (

Obama's legacy of debt and disease: National debt doubles in just eight years while 10.7 million more Americans now on food stamps to buy cancer-causing junk foods (

Debt collapse 'perfect storm' shaping up that will almost instantly wipe out pension funds nationwide (

Hole in credit card security allows hackers to guess your info in less than six seconds (

10 corporations have a monopoly on almost everything you buy at the supermarket (

We are being set up for higher interest rates, a major recession and a giant stock market crash (

The Rothschild Family has corrupted global banks, news media, oil and government (

San Francisco passes soda tax; other cities may soon joi (

Colorado's cannabis economy: State shows economic growth at twice the US average (

Today may be your last chance to SELL EVERYTHING: 'Every asset will collapse' warns financial analyst (

Top university stole millions from taxpayers by faking global warming research (

A tiny 1% move in the derivatives market will set off massive $46 trillion global WIPEOUT (

Global elite scheming to avoid mass bank withdrawals by banning cash (

Hold on: Global debt EXPLODING as day of financial reckoning nears (

First Presidential Debate: Actual Reason for our Staggering National Debt Ignored (

The stock market is 70% overvalued ... crash now inevitable (

In 2008, a single watermelon was auctioned off in Japan for more than $6,000 (

Home safe sales boom, as people move from 'digital money' to cold, hard cash (

U.S. currency is faith-based, susceptible to collapse (

Main ingredient in EpiPen costs under $7; retail price hiked to $300 (

Depopulation: Global elite, climate change activists call for tax on newborns (

Parents rejoice! Donald Trump's economic plan makes childcare expenses tax-deductible while eliminating the 'death tax (

Food price inflation predicted to SOAR over 300% if American food supply continues to dwindle, FEMA warns (

Democrats Are Working With Big Tobacco And Big Pharma To Choke Off Vaping Industry (

Comedian John Oliver exposes America's flawed medical debt system; buys $15M of debt assets for less than $60K (

The pension bubble is about to BURST: Here's how the defaults will occur? (

Utah Senator threatens to yank U.S. peace money from Colombia after nation tries to make expensive leukemia drug more affordable (

The IRS swindles $43 MILLION from American taxpayers over 'crimes' that were never committed (

RideAustin promises to pay drivers more and charge riders less (

Nazi-founded Bayer chemical company wants to buy Satan-inspired Monsanto for $42 billion... it's a perfect match made in chemical Hell (

Thanks, Obama! Paris climate change agreement to cost over $12.1 TRILLION (

California's minimum wage hike causing mass exodus, implosion in the garment industry? economic suicide is now official policy (

U.S. currency in slow collapse as Chinese yuan quietly replaces the petrodollar (

Costco working to increase the organic food supply in America by investing in farm-to-market principles on a massive scale (

Another Monsanto shill EXPOSED: University of Illinois professor caught in dirty financial scheme (

Luxury real estate boom in America was funded by criminal money laundering operations looking to stash cash into real assets (

In San Francisco, you can live in box for a little over $500 a month (

Carl's Jr. CEO wants to try and create a workerless automated restaurant (

Austin City Council moves to give jobs to criminals while restricting opportunities for Uber and Lyft drivers (

As retirees see their pension payments slashed in half, Health Ranger launches new Food Rising grow box to save retirees up to $1,000 a year on food and groceries (

North Dakotans struggle to legislate full marijuana rights in the Peace Garden State as oil price collapse threatens economy (

GMOs have been 'catastrophic' for US agricultural exports, says Canadian alfalfa exporter (

100K files of taxpayers compromised by malware attack against IRS (

Monsanto uses fraudulent data and deception to push harmful GMOs, former company director claims (

Big government and big business: Two big enemies of small business owners (

Economic freedom under Obama has plummeted: America falls from 6th to 11th place (

Emergency economic red alert (

America's taxpayer-funded bureaucracies lie about vaccine safety to maintain power and funding while harming children (

Europeans contemplating free-money handouts with a 'universal income' after robots challenge the job market (

Canada spends hundreds of millions to 'clean up' abandoned heavy metal mines but still can't reuse the land (

Amazon workers now living, sleeping in "tent ghettos" outside the warehouse (

Pension panic: The coming financial bubble nobody is talking about (

California's economic incompetence on display as cities attempt to tax Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video (

Amazon worker attempts suicide after reading company memo? is Amazon a 'slave' labor farm? (

Bitcoin targeted by the IRS, as bureaucrats demand private records from Coinbase (

Black Friday Super Sale countdown happening at (

Massive oil discovery in Texas will lead to decades of improved energy independence for the U.S. (

The Navajo hope to begin growing industrial hemp on native land by 2017 (

Who's "with Her"? Billionaires, bankers, lobbyists, and? journalists (

Americans are sick and tired of their voices being drowned out by monetary interests (

70% of Americans have less that $1,000 in savings (

Domino's unleashes ridiculous pizza commercial to shame women for eating salad (

Coca-Cola and Pepsi caught financing 96 national health groups... financial influence rampant (

Africa is becoming the battleground for the world's seed monopolists (

Health Ranger issues international financial alert as Deutche Bank approaches catastrophic collapse... Trillions in debt exposure will burn through European banks like a raging firestorm (

Gallup CEO claims the middle class is being destroyed, won't survive current direction (

Bank of America analysts: 50% chance we live in a matrix? literally (

This Obama-Supporting Welfare Queen Brags About Living Off Taxpayers Money - 'Why Should I Work?' (

Red alert: Global economic system grinding to a halt (

Democrat Senator's daughter raised price of EpiPen, raked in millions from cronyism (

Cost of U.S. healthcare now 800% higher per person than it was in 1960, even when adjusted for inflation (

6.5 Trillion Reasons Why The Pentagon Needs To Get Its Act Together Before It Asks Taxpayers For More Money (

Nobel laureate GMO promoter presided over firm that lost billions (

CNN's Clinton Cash 'Fact-Check' Ends in Embarrassment for Cristina Alesci and Laurie Frankel (

Global elite George Soros tries to insinuate an economic disaster will take place if the UK leaves the EU (

White Privilege Tax: How the public responded (

The real national debt in America is actually over $200 trillion, and the mathematics point to absolutely certain fiscal collapse (

Venezuela's socialism has led to this: Food price inflation hits 180 percent, forces eggs to $150 a dozen (

Austin, Texas named third best place to jumpstart a career (

Transportation gone rogue: Citizens turn to black market for safe rides home after Uber and Lyft leave Austin (

Why progressive taxes don't work: one taxpayer leaving NJ could ruin the state's economy (

Kansas governor says he'll take spending cuts over tax hikes any day (

Taxpayers shell out nearly $400,000 after psycho cop slaughters harmless, restrained dog for fun (

America's 'Fight For 15' fast food worker protesters are unskilled at everything except playing victims... here's how they can bully their way to $100 / hour while burning down their own communities (

This isn't a cruel joke? Head of Chilean branch of "Transparency International" outed in release of the Panama Papers (

Why the failed pharma-based healthcare system is bankrupting America (

GMOs fail to improve yields 'and will eventually lead to ruin' (

Pressure mounts on biotech industry shill and chemical pesticide pusher Jon Entine to disclose his financial ties (

EBT cardholders use cash withdrawals to buy weed in Colorado (

Texas Supreme Court rejects bid to clarify misleading language on Austin's Uber ballot (

United States tax money generated from marijuana legalization (

Americans who pay NO federal income tax but still get money back each year is RISING (

Central bankers rely on mass hypnosis to artificially pump up markets for as long as possible (

Free market capitalism, not government control, makes healthcare more affordable, researchers discover (

Natural News eliminates all ad networks (including Google), announces new 'privacy secure' advertising system for 2016 (

12 trigger events that could unleash economic collapse in the U.S (

The entire global money system is based on FAITH, not fundamentals (